"We LOVE your book. It is the best source we have found for understanding and remembering the Constitution. It's been perfect for our homeschool classroom (and that is saying a lot since we teach 1st through 8th grades - it's great for all ages). We memorize and discuss each amendment as a family around the breakfast table each morning - we are learning them SO FAST!"
- Christy of Kansas, Mom

"It really is an amazing, beautifully put together book--teaches one a lot in just minutes. The writing is well done and succinct (I like the way it gets right to the point) and the illustrations are as effective and clever as can be. The construction is such that it will hold up well under lots of use. The entire volume is nicely put together. I'm so pleased to have a copy in our home, and we plan to purchase more copies for our children and grandchildren. It merits being made widely available. It could be such a valuable teaching tool in our education system as well as in our homes. I believe an increased understanding of and appreciation for the Constitution could be a key to more informed citizens and thereby better government. This book is needed!!!"
- Daryl Hoole, Author
"You've got all the details right there in front of you in a simple, easy to understand way... Kids in grade school can use it, right on up to collegiate type work."
- Sam Bushman, Radio Host

"In my history class we started learning about the Constitution just about the same time I got a copy of your book. I noticed that we went over it pretty briefly and that your book was much more detailed and helped me remember some of the topics we covered better than I probably would have without your book. On that test I got 100% plus. Thank you so much."
- Brittley of Utah, Age 13

"Last summer I made a goal to learn the 27 amendments to the US Constitution. I didn't get very far. When my mom found the book Enabling the People I tried again. The book really helped me. I really like the illustrations because they give me a visual. I also like the simple explanations because they help me understand the amendment better. I love the book and really, really, really recommend it!"
- Kianna of Alaska, Age 12

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